Tuesday, November 9, 2010

1000 Things I'm Thankful For

No, I'm not making a huge list of 1000 things right here in one post... because that's a lot of things in one post... but I'm joining something called the "Gratitude Community" where Ann Voskamp (www.aholyexperience.com) invites any blogger to create a list of 1000 they're thankful for. One a day, 5 a day, a random number a week... whatever! So here I go...

1 Jesus
2 Hope when all seems lost
3 Ice cream
4 350 Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes from my school

5 The piano
6 My Compassion sister, Annu.
7 Hearing from Annu
8 Laughing for
no reason
7 Mystery books
9 Staying up late on Fridays
10 Then sleeping in on Saturday
11 Music

12 Random acts of kindness
13 Hot chocolate
14 My mom
15 My dad
16 My little brother

15 The guitar
16 Hope for tomorrow
17 Hockey
18 The internet
19 Basketball
21 A not-too-cold day in the middle of November

holy experience

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