Sunday, December 22, 2013

Day Four: Christmas Light

so, so many years before it all culminated,

separated by many years,

various men sat penning the crazy story.

in glowing candlelight, they almost had to listen twice to make sure they were hearing it all right -

a virgin and her betrothed.

she’s pregnant.

the two souls are walking towards bethlehem, his hometown.

yet they courageously and fervently walk into the everything unknown and risky, too.

because listen close to this part -

the baby within her is God.
hundreds and hundreds of years later, it all happens just as those prophets penned it.

under a bright star shining into the darkest, lowliest place on earth,

God Himself is a baby, born to a virgin.

prophesied in candlelight, fulfilled in starlight.

and so, so many years after, this story of hope is read by lamplight, screen light, sunlight...

shining light into a million billion lowly dark places.

Part of a Christmas series here on the blog: Seven straight days of Christmas Creative Writing - a 7-day journey to the manger through creative words.

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