Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My [Teenage?!] Brother

Yeah, that's right!

He's a teenager!

And I've officially ended my struggle to be taller.

It's hopeless.

To my favourite brother,

Happy Birthday.

I pray that you'd always dream God-sized dreams. 

That you'd smile big, laugh hard, and never stop telling those jokes. 

That you'd frown deep at what's not OK, cry angry tears and never stop fighting against injustice in Jesus' name, in everything you do.

That one day that brain of yours that built a robot to do your homework for you in grade one, will change the world in partnership with that heart of yours that cares deeply for the oppressed. 

That His joy would follow you wherever you go, and His peace would find you whenever you're not quite sure.

That you'd never stop asking questions, and never stop hunting for answers. 

And in everything, I pray that you'd chase our Heavenly Father's best for you.

Happy Birthday, teenager. You inspire me in ways you'll never know.

The Shorter Sibling


  1. love reading this. Your love for him and HIM is amazing. I appreciate you so much. Haven't been around much but hopefully more so now....

    much love,

    1. teena! so happy to see you around here. :)

      thank you for your words. :)


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