Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Jesus In The Everyday

So I kinda haven't blogged in awhile!

And to be honest, it's cuz I really haven't had anything super interesting to share with you all lately. No huge God-things. Or epiphanies. ;)

But I thought, I gotta blog about something. 

And why not blog about the lack of huge God-things?

I mean, what about the little God-things?

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Like yesterday, I started writing a history essay and just felt pretty overwhelmed. So I put it aside and decided to come back to it tomorrow.

And today, somehow that essay just flowed out of my fingers. The whole. thing. :)

And yesterday, while writing said essay, I didn't have time to go over math stuff that I had a test on today. I don't usually study for math [#AsianProblems;)] but this particular unit I was feeling a bit squeemish about. However I knew if I concentrated, I'd be fine sans-review. And the math test got handed out, and I was able to concentrate and breeze through. 

Romans 8 - one of my faves. :)
Then there's simply home church laughs, fresh rain, art class, a ride to school and a ride home, and music.

And here's what I have to be reminded of: Jesus isn't always big miracles, crazy risks or high emotions. Sometimes, actually, oftentimes, He's just the small everyday stuff. :)

Jesus just wants to do life together. The everyday stuff. 

And I forget him sometimes, but oh, how I so need Him in the everyday. 

Where have you seen Jesus in the everyday lately? :)


  1. That's soo true!!!

    I see God so much in just the protection and safety every day. So many times, He intervenes in my life to protect me and those I love. Lately though, the birds just seem to be singing of His love and flying in His freedom.

    I love how you added the song at the end. I would have never thought to put that with your post. But it oh so fits :)


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