Friday, May 31, 2013

Dear Goodbye {3 Things You Need To Know About Goodbye}

{In a season of graduations, summer moves and goodbyes.}

Dear Goodbye,

You should know, I have a really big dislike of you.

It's not really your fault - I mean, you're just a word, right?

But you're more than just that. Somehow whenever you're around this ache starts in my chest and most times swells in my throat and ends up as tears.

And when I see you lurking around in the corners, coming near, it makes me wanna just tell time to stop please.

Because as you come nearer, Goodbye, people I love get farther.

But guess what, Goodbye? I'm finding some not-so-bad - even good - things about you.

You bring change. And change isn't always so bad.

I said it at small group just a few months ago - being comfortable is never good. If you're getting a little too comfortable, maybe it's time for a change. Because Jesus isn't about comfortable.

And sometimes - not always, but sometimes - you're the change needed, Goodbye.

Change means growth. Change means new, exciting things. And although change is tough, it makes people stronger.

Another thing, goodbye? Sometimes you bring people closer.

In the light of you, we seize the moment and spend as much time as possible with our soon-to-be departures.

And the people still around? I'm reminded how much they mean to me. Because I'm reminded how fast you come and take them away.

I don't who said it, but it's so true: Sometimes you don't know the value of what you have until you lose it.

The last thing, Goodbye, and maybe the most beautiful good thing about you? You remind me how excited I should be for heaven.

Because one day, Goodbye, I'll get to say goodbye to you. 

And that's one goodbye I'm very much looking forward to.

One day, I'll get to spend eternity with all my brothers and sisters in the presence of our Father, and the grief and sadness you cause won't exist.

Dear Goodbye, you suck.

But you're a part of life. And like most everything, Jesus makes you better. 

Because the beautiful thing about Body of Christ goodbyes is that they are never permanent.

And for that, I am thankful.

'Til we meet again, Goodbye.

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  1. Thank you for writing this! It's exactly what I needed to hear :)


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