Sunday, May 12, 2013

Celebrating Mom...

mom & kids. :)
[not really sure what was so funny.]

My mom.

You really could figure out how great my mom is without much help from me, just by looking at her life.

My mom teaches me to be disturbed at injustice. She teaches me to run from apathy - and into the arms of Jesus.

My mom teaches me to guard my heart and that a girl's value is always in Him. 

She has always taught be to never settle for anything less than my best, but also that mistakes are redeemed by Christ.

My mom teaches me to love deeply and loudly, chase grace, spread hope... and occasionally organize my life. ;)

And she teaches me all this through the way she lives her life.

Neither of us is perfect.

I don't help cook dinner.

Sometimes, she forgets to pick me up from school.

We don't always agree, and sometimes we say things we don't mean.

But both of us are redeemed by grace. Perfected in Him.

My mama is a listening ear, some great advice, dinner on the table, a refuge, a role model and a woman who strives with her all to live like Jesus.

And I love her a lot. :)

Here's the type of woman my mom is.

Right now, she's counting down the seconds until the spotlight is off her. Because she walks humbly.

Really, she'd rather me tell you about struggling moms in developing countries or struggling moms right here at home.

I could tell you about how much I admire the way she gives of herself for others [because she acts justly and loves mercy], but she'd rather me ask you to help one of those struggling moms by clicking on one of those links.

That, my friends, is the beautiful woman I'm celebrating today. :)

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. A mom who acts justly and love mercy is a mom after God's own heart. What a wonderful mom you are blessed with!

  2. Thanks for sharing! Beautiful words! My mum is beyond awesome too!!! (Happy Mother's Day, Mum!)


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