Thursday, January 31, 2013

Holy Ground

I think one of the many beautiful things about our God is that He meets us everywhere and anywhere.

He's in our living room during home church and He's in a school gym during youth group.

And He's in the Apple store as two of His people chat and He's right beside me and my whispered prayers.

No need for massive cathedrals and temples, because a year and a half ago, when I sat in a slum and prayed with my brothers and sisters, that was holy ground.

Dead cats and all.

And when my parents wash feet in a church basement, that's holy ground.

And when my youth group gathers in a school to write cards, clean, knit and bake cookies for others, that's holy ground.

photo credit: @thebosscurt

No fanfare and no stained glass windows (although that could be holy ground too), just His people bringing a little bit of heaven to earth.

Wherever we do on earth as it is in heaven, it's holy ground.

So what if, everywhere we went, we made it holy ground?

Couldn't we?

Couldn't we make the very way we walk a meeting with Him? On earth as it is in heaven? And wouldn't that make every ground God's people walk on holy?

Wouldn't that be beautiful? 

And if we walked to the ugliest places... Is it possible meeting Him there could make it holy. perfect. beautiful?

That thundering question of Where is God? 
Is best answered when the people of God offer a hand and whisper: Here I am. 
That thundering question of Where is God? 
Is best answered when the people of God tear everything else away and take the time to show it: Here’s His love for you – beating right here, right here in me, right here for you. 
What else is time for but this? -Ann Voskamp, What Radical Christianity Looks Like Right Where You Are

Yes. What else is time for but to show the world: Here is God.


Right here,

in me and where I stand -

on holy ground. 

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