Thursday, November 1, 2012


Sometimes, everything's a little crazy, isn't it?

Life just likes to be crazy.

And in all the crazy, it's this struggle to find grace. peace. love.

The fruits. The fruits that we're supposed to be living this life to grow, it's a struggle to find them in all the crazy.

And sometimes, when you're feeling a little crazy, it's time to cling to God's crazy.

The crazy where, you don't have to do everything. You don't have to impress everyone.

You just let him love you like crazy. And you love others like crazy.

You just let his crazy grace pour out on you. And you share that crazy grace with others.

The crazy joy that comes from Him, you let that spill in and out of you.

You just live a crazy life... Not the Uggh-life-is-so-crazy-right-now life, the life that others look at and call crazy.

Crazy because of the way you love. The way you give. The way you serve.

Wanna know why this is my first blog post in 14 days? Because my life, it's been a little crazy.

And I just have to remember, God's version of crazy? It's much better than mine.


PS My life is not really that crazy in comparison to those surviving a hurricane this week... Prayers!

PPS If you'd like to live God's version of crazy, HERE or HERE is a good place to start. :)

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  1. crazy over here too.... Thank you for sharing.



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