Thursday, October 18, 2012

In Which My Compassion Girl Shaves Her Head

I got a new picture of Happyness the other day! :)

Yup, all that oh-so-cute beads and braids hair is GONE! 

First, I cried. Then, I laughed. Then I questioned whether or not the picture was actually of Happyness. Then I consulted the pink shirt and I-still-have-hair photo, and deemed both pictures of the same child. Then I cried a bit more, laughed a bit more, and I still this she's the most adorable child ever.

And you know what I just think is really cool and really not all that normal?

I care that a 5-year-old in Tanzania shaved her head.

That is the beauty of child sponsorship. "Starving child in Africa" takes on a whole new meaning, cuz you know what? You know one of those starving children in Africa. You love one of those starving children in Africa. You care. You care about their grades, their health, their birthday, their family, their favourite things...

And yes, you care about their hairstyle. ;)


Tomorrow (October 19th) is Happyness' birthday.

Will you celebrate with me?

Here's how: Maury and Aleshandra also celebrate their birthday on October 19th... Sponsor one of them? :) Our girls can be birthday buddies. :)


  1. Oh my goodness!!! I saw her on the Compassion US website. She was so adorable (her old pic), and I loved her so much! I was soo happy to find out that you sponsored her. Because, now I know that she has an awesome sponsor who loves and cares about her. And who writes her. Glad for the updated picture. I just got one a couple days ago. So happy :)

    1. haha, no way! when did you see her? weird how she ended up in canada, but i'm so glad she did! :)

    2. Yep. I am not sure when. It was probably the beginning of this year. So glad you found each other!!

  2. that is amazing! Thanks for sharing. She is too cute!


  3. She's cute with and without hair! Happy Birthday to her! Yesterday was our Dominic's 22nd birthday (he graduated from Compassion last week) and tomorrow is our Cilia's 20th birthday (LDP).


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