Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dads Are Supposed to Let Their Kids Win...

Well, that's not my dad.

Not the not being able to fall asleep if I'm not asleep part.

And definitely not the "give up" part.

No, those parts are true.

It's the "letting your kids win" part. 

Because if there's one thing my dad doesn't do, it's losing.

Even to his 5-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son, racing down the hallways or playing UNO.

Even to his now 15-year-old and 12-year-old son, playing one-on-one in the driveway.

Nope, my dad has no mercy when it comes to gametime. ;)

But, my dad's still pretty awesome.

You know that game show that's something like "My Dad's Better than Your Dad"? My dad would win by just showing up. ;)

My dad is movie nights and Sunday afternoon NASCAR. My dad is homemade waffles on weekdays and the reason the dishes are done every day. My dad's the one who drives me to school every morning when my friends' dads make them walk. He's the dad who shows up to every school event cheering the loudest, and I'll act embarrassed but really I'm proud to have such a great dad {and I know all the other girls are jealous}. 

He's basketball coach, medic, science tutor, IT guy {I'm his most demanding customer, he says. ;)}, biggest fan.

My dad puts up with my midnight sports rants and occasional blonde moments... I'm a bit of a handful sometimes but somehow he's okay with that.

He can't say "museum", "Seattle", "soccer" or "pool" properly cuz he grew up in a different country, but every word the comes out of his mouth is a kind, wise or insightful one. 

The number of times he's made me laugh is somewhere up in the millions, and the number of things he's taught me is somewhere up in the billions.

I have the best dad in the world, and if he weren't in my life I really truly wouldn't be me. I could say a million more things that are great about my dad, but I don't want the world wide web to crash {because then my dad would have to fix it...} so, just take my word for it - best. daddy. ever.

I love you, Daddy! ♥


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  1. You are a great girl! I am so happy that we found each others blogs.... I love reading your moms blog. She encourages me! Lysa and I love reading your blog....



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