Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Two More Tanzania Favourites

The Compassion Bloggers are home, but please let me share two more must-reads with you? :)

Decorating Truths from A 15-Year-Old Tanzanian Boy via The Nesting Place: The Nester meets her 15-year-old sponsored child, Topiwo, or as she puts it, Topo. Definitely a must-read - super cute and super inspiring! :)

In Defense of Jesus via Shaun Groves: Why the slogan doesn't just end at "Releasing Children from Poverty". Oh yeah, and meet a super inspiring teenager, Sunari, and his family. :)

I think I found these posts so inspiring because both those boys are about the same age as me... Yet they live a life that is such a stark contrast to mine.

I realize how easily my life could've been "switched" with Sunari or Topiwo's. How easily I could've been born into poverty. I mean, I didn't choose to be rich. They didn't choose to be poor.

And I realize how abundantly, sickeningly privileged I am.

And I wonder, if I have too much, and they have too little, how come it won't even itself out?

Because I'm still selfish. Because maybe I was the unlucky one, born into privilege.

Yet God's grace remains, and slowly. painfully. but beautifully, He will mend my life, Topiwo's life and Sunari's life.

And that's why I have hope.

Give Hope. To a child in need, but also to yourself... You need it just as much.

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  1. I love when you share..... love reading the Compassion Bloggers posts too! We followed too.

    Keep sharing!

    Much love....


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