Saturday, May 26, 2012

Me, The Blogger Who Forgot to Blog.

Well, I didn't forget {I really do love you guys}, life just got in the way.
But, I really can't complain about life getting in the way because life has been sweet {not that it's not always sweet.}.

Anyways, I haven't done one of those hodge-podge, random lists in awhile, so here's one, entitled "Things I Meant to Share on My Blog in the Past 11 Days, But Never Got Around To."

1. "Through Jesus, God redefines "glory". Success means to sacrifice. Victory is to die. To shine is to serve. Fame is to quietly, secretly love. "Hot" is to be modest. Exultation comes through humility. Strength is shown through weakness. Glory is often seen best in suffering." -Bruxy Cavey {teaching pastor at my church}, teaching series: Jesus by John

I LOVE that. It's been a great reminder for me this past week. To shine is to serve. Fame is to quietly, secretly love. Strength is shown in weakness. And glory is often seen best in suffering. 

Jesus defies everything the world tells me. And since the world is so. utterly. screwed up. I am SO glad that there is something bigger, better, more wonderful and powerful, more graceful and forgiving to believe in. I'm so thankful that since the world won't take my ashes, Jesus will. I'm ever grateful that even though there's so much suffering in the world, that's where God's glory shines brightest.

2. I've not blogged much about the playoffs, but you could bet money I'm watching them. No offence to the NHL or anything, but I'm finding the NBA way more exciting. I'm calling Kings for the Cup {Why couldn't the Leafs pull one like they did?!} and a Spurs-Celtics NBA final with Spurs taking it home. {I'm so upset that we didn't see Linsanity again this year, and also that the Pacers couldn't get through the Heat, but I'm optimistic for round 3 and 4. :)} 

3. Compassion letter-writing for the win!

How many people/laptops does it take...? ;)
I LOVE this quote from Rochelle, out LDP student: "Morning is a divine gift from God after a night of restful sleep. It's a new chance to do better than before. Inhale God's love today!"

4. Compassion again! I got to hang-out as a Compassion Advocate at the PlanetShakers concert on Thursday night. Seventeen beautiful kids got sponsored! And get this! We found twins! Both girls' child packs ended up at the concert, and BOTH girls got sponsored by two cousins! How sweet, eh? :)

Me and a fellow advocate with the twins. :)

So anyways, that's pretty much me right now. :)

Thanks for reading and have a great {rest of the} weekend! :)

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