Sunday, May 15, 2011

NBA and NHL: Round 2 Wrap, Semis Preview...

It's the semi-finals in both sports already!!! Round Two was actually kinda disappointing. Let's start with the NHL: There were two sweeps in what were supposed to be pretty exciting series (especially the Boston-Philly series, my little bro was pretty convinced Philly was trying to pull "another one" (3-0 comeback...)). Vancouver finally figured out that they don't ACTUALLY have to go to game seven in every series and took Nashville out in 6 games, in a pretty exciting series, I guess. And the one really exciting part was the almost-3-0-comeback by Detroit. So are we gonna get comeback-teases in every round?

Then there was NBA, and there was another sweep. My Lakers got the broom! :( Then Miami-Boston was a big disappointing 5 game series. But the other two were pretty good. Atlanta gave Chicago a run for their money, but DRose and the Bulls pulled it off. And lastly, Memphis-OKC... I really wanted Memphis to pull the Cinderella, but they fell short this afternoon... :( So sad.

Okay here's your round three preview:

Boston-Tampa Bay: ...That awkward moment when you go to Florida to play hockey and you find out there's no negative temperatures there. LOL. But seriously, Stamkos is good, but I don't think Tampa can fend of the giant Chara and his gang. Boston, 4-2.
Vancouver-San Jose: I'm biased, but still, San Jose are known as the playoff chokers... Although, they're desperate to prove themselves otherwise, so this should be a close series. Vancouver, 4-3.

Miami-Chicago: So I might be slightly biased... lol. Chicago 4-3.
Dallas-Oklahoma City: This one is gonna be so fun! I'm thinking game 6/7, how 'bout you guys??!! Anyways, I kinda like Oklahoma City now cuz today after they won Kevin Durant gets asked a question about basketball or something and he says instead: "Well, hold on. First off, the Lord is so good. The Lord is good." When any famous person says that in an interview, they get my respect. :) Glad he's so out-there with his faith! :) OKC, 4-3

It's bound to be exciting (for real, this time) so don't miss it! :) Thanks for reading!

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