Sunday, May 15, 2011

45 Days...

If I'm counting correctly, it's 45 days 'til summer!!! Well, it is for us Canadians, Americans get off like, in February... :P Anyways, let me tall you a bit about my already-super-exciting summer, and it's still 45 days away!

First, I'll be on a compassion trip with my youth group for a week to work at a camp for low-income kids in our city. Super exciting. I was at training yesterday, and the 18 of us are gonna conquer the world!!! :P LOL. We're pretty sweet. ;) We were chatting with the camp co-ordinator, and she told some pretty touching stories, such as a girl who brought a single peach to camp for lunch, or an 8-year-old boy who makes his own lunch and comes to camp himself because his mom is either working her second or third job or sleeping. These kids are in crazy situations that no kid should be in at any age, let alone eight. Please pray for these kids, the team and the camp. Thanks! :)

And then exactly six days after the Friday I come home from camp, I'll be on a plane bound for the Philippines. This trip will be half vacay and half missions. Let me tell you about the missions part: We are going to visit our Compassion Canada sister, Florianlyn!!! I am sooooo excited to meet her!!! I can't wait! We will also be visiting another organization run by my mom's former classmates that sends under-privileged kids to school. My family is sponsoring a few kids to go to school through them. :) Prayer for us in this trip would also be sweet. Thanks! :)

Thanks for reading! Anyone else going on a missions (or my new fave name for them, compassion) trip this summer? Let me know so I can pray for you! :)

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  1. AAAH! So jealous that you get to meet you Compassion sister! That's one of my biggest dreams!
    And the camp sounds a lot like something my church does every summer too! It's a lot of fun, sounds like your summer is gonna be a blast :)


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