Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One Week Later. . .

. . . I've been proved hopelessly wrong in some series, and not-too-bad in others.
Here to break down the first week of the NHL playoffs, please welcome... Yours truly.
[Disclaimer: I DID use this time. I seriously didn't memorize all this. Promise.]

The West:
Vancouver-Chicago (My prediction - Chicago, 4-3): Boy, was I WRONG! Before last night, Chicago didn't have a win in the series, three games in. Things are looking up now, as it's now 3-1 Vancouver instead of 3-0, but only 4 teams in the history of the world have come back from 3-0... But ya just never know in these "History Will Be Made" playoffs. :)
San Jose-L.A. (San Jose, 4-2): San Jose leads 2-1. That all I got for ya, cause there is NOTHING exciting going on in this one. Nothing discussion worthy like head shots or something...
Detroit-Pheonix (Detroit, 4-2): Detroit leading 3-0 = My dad is happy. Though he's not really following first round, 'cause Detroit seems to get an automatic ticket to round two every year...
Anaheim-Nashville (Not sure, game 7): The players I know of on Nashville's roster: ...Carrie Underwood? Wait. Nevermind. Anaheim: Yikes. I got nothing. :/ My point: I'm not really paying attention to this series much. I'm cheering for Nashville though, If y'all were wondering. :) says Nashville is leading the series 2-1, so it's all good. :)

The East:
Washington-New York (New York, 4-3): Hey, I'm not totally wrong yet. My prediction still has a chance! It's Washington 2-1 right now, but if NYR wins tonight, it's a whole new ball game. No. Puck game. Whaaaaaat? :S
Philadelphia-Buffalo (Philly, 4-1): I admit, I got scared when Buffalo won the first one. But it's all good now, and Philly's got into the groove after the game-one-jitters and their leading 2-1.
Boston-Montreal (Boston, 4-0): Okay, I know. My prediction wasn't even realistic... But I just really dislike the Habs... and some of their fans. I mean, boo-ing the other country's national anthem? Really? Anyways, my prediction got blown outta the ballpark (I mean, rink) when the Habs won their first two. Then Boston won one, and I began breathing again. It's obviously not going to be a Boston blowout, but game seven in this series would be sweet. :)
Pittsburgh-Tampa Bay (Pittsburgh, 4-2): This might be my most accurate prediction so far! There have been two suspensions in this series... Need I say more? Tampa didn't score a goal in the first game, but made up for it in the second, scoring 5 goals and holding the Pens to one. It's Pittsburgh 2-1 right now, which means if both teams double their current wins, I'm right on for the prediction! :) Game four goes tonight!

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for my week-one assessment of the NBA, coming soon! :)

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