Saturday, October 10, 2015

When A Writer Goes To A Taylor Swift Concert

I have many respectable and ambitious things on my bucket list.

And then there's the thing I got to cross off last Friday night.

Yeah, I went to see Taylor.

And guys, it was a lot of fun. 

I write about a lot of heavy stuff around here, but what you might not know from a random peruse of my blog is that I know pretty much every TSwift lyric there is to know. Just keeping it real.

But of course the writer in me almost always sees a blog post or at least some sort of analogy coming together before my eyes, even at the 1989 World Tour.

You see, every concert-goer had a wristband taped to their seat and waiting for them upon arrival. And these wristbands were, by some technological innovation, somehow connected to Taylor's every move. Coordinated with every beat and lyric, these wristbands turned the entire stadium and each individual concert-goer into a twinkling and colourful part of the ambience and lighting of the show.

It was pretty cool.

And you know, if you just looked down on your own individual wristband, you would find it just randomly turning on and off and changing colours. Not making much sense at all.

You might think it was broken, or be curious as to why it wasn't shining for longer than it did.

But then, you look up and realize this little wristband of yours is part of this bigger picture, blinking and shining at seemingly random times along with fifty thousand others to create a sparkling show of wonder.

And so this is my cheesy little analogy from going to my first Taylor Swift concert...

You might not be sure why life is the way it is right now. You wonder why the light is shut off and why it has been for what seems like forever.

But the reality and hope is this: We are part of this bigger picture called the Body of Christ.

And our story is just one part of God's story of redemption for this world.

So if you're in the dark, wondering what's next, take heart and know and trust that He has got this covered.

And yeah, when it comes time to shine?

Shine, and shine brightly.


  1. Ok, for one, I'm totally jealous. And thank you sister for this post. Somehow you always write what I need to hear, when I need to hear it.

    1. Haha I was my graduation present and it was super fun! :)

      You're very welcome! So glad you came by today, sister. Hugs!


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