Tuesday, November 12, 2013


She hurls herself towards a country in which I left a good chunk of my heart.

image credit: The Washington Post

Then for a good, long moment, if you tried to look for the Philippines, Haiyan blocked your view.

She engulfed the Philippines, took that beautiful country from the rest of the world for a few long, long hours.

Then she spit all those islands out in all this disarray, gave the country back to the world and said Here - your move.

And I could only think - what did Justin do in all that mess? Not in the hardest hit city, but any level of typhoon swirling around your head when you don't have a place to call home would be devastating.


And those nice basket-and-picnic-mat-weaving ladies we met in near Tacloban, the hardest hit city? What did they do? What are they doing now?

These ladies' creations have made many appearances at church picnics.

What are they doing when there's no food, water, medicine, shelter or any form of authority on the island?

What are they doing when there's been so much looting, there's no looting left to do?

My heart is so heavy as I watch that beloved country flash across my TV and computer screens - so much desperation and devastation. So much despair.

A staggering photo comparison by my Mom. It speaks for itself.
Top: My parents in Tacloban, 2011
Bottom: Tacloban, today

Dear friends, the Philippines desperately needs us - the world - to make a good, compassionate, generous, we-are-one move in response to Haiyan.

I saw it on the news today - many, many more people will die in the coming days if we don't do something.

Can I ask you - not just as a social justice advocate, or a Compassion advocate, but as a girl with a piece of her heart on those islands - to give?

Give what you can. Anything. Because the people of the Philippines so. desperately. need. us.

Many great organizations are gathering funds for the people of the Philippines. Two organizations that I so love and strongly recommend are Compassion International and Mennonite Central Committee.

Here are the links to donate to their relief efforts:
Compassion International - Canada / USA
Mennonite Central Committee - Both Canada & USA
[Canada - From now until Dec. 9, the Canadian government will be matching donations, dollar-for-dollar, made to Haiyan relief efforts!]

And lastly - let's pray. Just pray and pray and pray for strength, comfort, courage, hope, peace for all involved.

Dearest Philippines, we stand with you.♥

ps To everyone who asked me about family, friends & sponsored children in the Philippines - thank you. As someone with a connection to the Philippines, it's been so amazing to see people without any connection to the Philippines gather around and show support. Family is all ok, considering. Still waiting to hear about specifics about Compassion girls, Florianlyn & Rechelle, and I know many other sponsors are waiting too. However, as of now Compassion has had no deaths reported among Compassion beneficiaries - Praise God! - and they've promised to pass along updates about affected children & families ASAP. Keep praying.


  1. Beautiful post - thanks for sharing your heart and making this personal. Praying with you...

    1. thanks jill! so appreciate everyone joining hands around this beloved country. love it. :)

  2. love this... haven't been on much except phone. Praying for you. Your mom has been such a comfort to us... Praying for all of you.... Much love.

    1. Thanks Teena. Amidst all the destruction, there have been some very beautiful stories of hope and community emerging, and for that I'm so thankful. :)


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