Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I'm not saying that getting rid of guns would end mass shootings forever.

I'm just saying, if your God said "Do not murder" and you believe in that 100%, then why do you need a gun?

I'm just saying, if you follow, believe and admire Jesus, the guy who laid down his life when he could have fought back against his attackers, why is that gun for "protection"?

I'm not saying anybody's less-Christian or more-Christian here. We're all broken in our own ways. I'm just saying, 20 kids died and I just can't keep my mouth shut here. It's pretty clear: our Lord is the Prince of Peace.

[Hint: Peace doesn't involve guns.]

I know this is a touchy subject. I'm okay if you don't agree with me and I hope I don't offend anybody with this blog post, but the massacre in Newtown was one of the things that had me itching to blog during my blog break. 

Now that there's a little space, some breathing room, less news reports, etc., maybe now's a good time to look at the fact that a gun was used to fire bullets into 20 children. 20 six- and seven-year-olds. 

And then followers of the Prince of Peace, coming into a season of singing "...and His gospel is peace", got a little protective of something we're supposed to lay down.

It made me sick.

I was thoroughly impressed by this blog post, and thoroughly sickened by some of the comments made towards the author. 

I'm not saying I have all the answers. I know a law wouldn't stop evil from obtaining guns. I'm just saying maybe we as Christians need to look at ourselves and re-evaluate. Look over our shoulder and see how far we've come from imitating the man who healed a severed ear and told His friend that violence was and is not the answer. 

I know it's easy for me to say, the girl who grew up in a totally different culture than the gun culture. The girl who cringes a bit at kitchen knives. 

But I hope this is some encouragement, maybe a little poke, something to think about. His gospel is peace. He taught to turn the other cheek, and yes, that's a hard one (I speak from experience.). No, not all of His teachings are easy ones. 

Really, we have a responsibility. This world is in our hands. And maybe, since we're screwing up so much, we should go back and look at Jesus. 

The Prince of Peace.


  1. I find this post quite interesting. My family hunts, a lot. I love that we get to eat venison that way and it saves a lot of money for us. However, I cannot personally do that myself. Guns are also fun to shoot in target practice and competitions. I am not saying that you are wrong or anything, I am just saying that having a gun does not mean that you have any intention of harming anyone. I just thought that you might like some other thoughts. If I am wrong, I am sorry. Have a great day!!

    1. hey lizzie!
      thanks for your comment! don't be sorry! i appreciate your thoughts. :)
      like i said, i realize there's a lot of culture & tradition that comes along with guns. i know i absolutely do not have all the answers, because i know a family like yours would never ever ever ever dream of harming anyone with your gun(s).
      but lines do get blurry and it's a super hard situation because guns are so engrained into culture and many people have them for honest reasons, but in many cases they also cause terrible things.
      but i do think, like in everything else in life, the closest we can get to doing the right this is to look at jesus' example. :)
      if you get a chance to read michael gungor's post on this topic, it's really worth a read. here's the link: http://gungormusic.com/#!/2012/12/the-gun-god/
      thanks agains for your thoughts, sister!<3(:

    2. Yes, it is really difficult to draw a line. It will be interesting to see what the government does. In the US, we have the right to own and bear arms. I hope that doesn't go away, even though I may never own one myself. :)


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