Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I'm holding up the child packs, pleading with my eyes for someone to put up their hand. For someone to open their heart and let a little child in.

Apathy stares back at me.

You could afford to come here, you can definitely afford to sponsor this kid. I think.

I judge.

I stop. I pray. Please, God. Forgive me, God.

Because I don't have it figured out either. Because as Shaun is speaking up on that WonderJam stage, he is speaking as much to my "I-have-this-all-figured-out" as he is to the apathetic, uninterested eyes waiting for Skillet to emerge.


Just Enough.

When God sent manna from heaven to the Israelites, he commanded that they take just enough.

In the early church, everyone had just enough. Those who had too much gave their leftovers to those who had too little, and everyone had just enough.

It works.

And now. Today. What does just enough look like?

I don't really know. I'm still trying to figure it out.

One thing I do know, though?

$1.25/day isn't enough.

Check out this super awesome interactive game thing that 58: created: Could you survive on $1.25 a day?

I *barely* did. On my second try.

$1.25 isn't enough.


Take just enough, give someone enough. Sponsor a child! :)

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