Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tanzania Highlights

If you haven't been following the Compassion Bloggers in Tanzania, you're seriously missing out.


So... To help you out, this is a "highlights" post. Like sports highlights, kinda. {but more exciting. ;)}

They're personal highlights, so you might not find them as exciting, moving, touching as I do, but trust me, they are quite worth the read:

{letting your dirty feet rub against the dirty feet of your neighbour.} via Gussy Sews - "Life is SO not about how clean your clothes are, or what your house looks like, or whether you have to share a car with someone else in your family. Life is about loving on each other - all the time - in the name of Jesus."

So much is held in those eyes...

Hope is Slow via Minivans Are Hot [A MUST READ!!!] - I mean it when I say a "must read". Kelli {the mind behind Minivans are Hot} is super gifted with words. God is speaking right through her this week, so if you wanna hear from God, click over there! ;)

Snapshot via Shaun Groves - The cutest. post. ever. Oh, yeah, and a very clever metaphor that will just MAKE you sponsor a child. ;) "There's no rest for those who hold on. Let go."

Check out that smile! :)

Then God Showed Up... via Big Is The New Small - This post reminded me so much of... me. In the weeks when I came home from Wilmington, I caught myself referring to that week as "the week God showed up" or "the week God spoke to me". But I've come to realize this: God was always there, always speaking to me. I just didn't look hard enough. Or I was going too fast and I totally missed Him. But always, he was and is there.

What's Your Plan for Tomorrow? via The Nesting Place - A great story of how Compassion provides hope. Oh, and by the way, do you have a toddler in your life? Yes? Would you ever leave them alone for hours at a time to fend for themselves? No? Well, what if, as a mother, your choice was feed them or stay with them? ...Yes, that is a real, everyday choice for many, many mothers living in poverty.

Isn't she a cutie? :)

Miracles So Great via Minivans Are Hot [Yes, again.] - Hope is slow? Yes. And you know where it's the slowest? In the first world. Do you live in the first world? Then that means you have to fight that much harder for hope. "Live simply so others can simply live." -Mother Teresa

So... Please continue to follow along with the bloggers and keep them in your prayers!

And, well, SPONSOR A CHILD from Tanzania! :) No better time to! Naima is STILL waiting... Will you give her the gift of hope?

All photo creds to Keely Scott! :)

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