Friday, February 24, 2012

A Sports Post

Creative title, you must admit. ;)

A sports post is long overdue on this blog, and so I've decided to get creative and talk about someone that no one else is talking about.

Jeremy Lin.

[I'm kidding. Tickle yourself. -.-]

Anywaaaays, getting serious.

If you don't know the story of Jeremy Lin, I'll give you a quick overview:

The New York Knicks are supposed to be good.

But a third or so into the season, it's evident they're not. (They had the same record as the Toronto Raptors.)

One of their biggest problems? No point guard.

So they're signing any point guard out there. Just so happens, there's this guy named Jeremy Lin who the Houston Rockets just waived. So the Knicks are like, "What on earth, who cares if he's asian and asians don't stereotypically play ball? We're taking anyone we can get!" So they sign him and send him to the D-League. (Development League, ie. the Minors)

Then Amar'e Stoudemire's brother dies so Amar'e takes some time off and the Knicks are down a few players (including one of their stars, Amar'e) so the Knicks decide to play Jeremy.

Probably the best decision ever. Because they proceeded to go on a 7 game winning streak, and they've only lost three out of their last 12 games.

All because of the asian kid no one thought could play ball. ;)

And so now, he's like, uber-famous.

And instead of getting a big head or something like that, he's using the platform for his faith. :)

{Love this interview. :) Skip to 3:17 to hear about why he thinks his story is "a miracle from God".}

He's kinda cool. ;)

Watch any of his interviews and you'll see he's a humble, down-to-earth, Godly guy, and he's not afraid to show it. Love that.

I also love the mysterious ways God works. Jeremy went though a lot of teams, and all of them passed him up over the years. No one would've guessed a year ago, or even a month ago, or even 2 and a half weeks ago, that he'd be headed to the All-Star game this weekend. But here he is. God chose NOW to press what I'm calling the "activation button". ;) In other words, he chose NOW to put everything in place for Jeremy to shine.

He's the most unlikely one. Like not being racist AT ALL (I'm asian too, anyways), he's asian. Asians don't really {stereotypically} play ball. He's the first Asian-American in the NBA. And aside from Yao-Ming, what other asian baller can you name anyways {other than me, of course. ;)}? He wasn't recruited out of high school. He went to Harvard, so stereotypically, he should be a nerd, not an athlete. He wasn't drafted.

But God always chooses the most unlikely one, doesn't he?

I think that's an amazing story, don't you?

And last but not least...

This is what they call "Linsanity". ♥

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