Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Here They Are...

Three days in a row!!!

Okay, not really. Because this was a scheduled post. So I really typed this up yesterday. :P Anyways... Here's those wonderful kids from Masbate, Philippines:

Patrice Jeanne Marie Javier, March 7, 2002. Cute little grin. Lives with father and mother. [Sometimes employed, maintains home, respectively.] Chores? You bet: carrying water, helping in the kitchen and cleaning. 2 Siblings. For fun, she likes to sing, play house and do art. Primary school where her performance is above average.

Mae Anttonete Martinez, August 29, 2002. A sweetheart right from her pink headband right down to her pink flip-flops... Lives with her father [sometimes employed as a labourer] and mother [maintains the home]. Five Siblings. For fun: playing a musical instrument, playing jacks and swimming. Chores: carrying water, buying or selling in the market and running errands. Mae's in primary school.

Juana Rose Magalang, June 3, 2005. I'm telling you, this girl is the. cutest. thing. ever. Like, really. She's so tiny and she's got a cute smile and rosy cheeks. She lives with her father and mother, both sometimes employed. Chores: buying or selling in the market and cleaning. Two siblings. For Fun: singing, telling stories and playing with dolls. Juana is in pre-school

Jhunnel Gracio, June 6, 2002. White shirt, camo-cargo pants, black shoes, black hair. Plain and simple and tough... and cute all at the same time. :P He lives with his father and mother, both sometimes employed. Eight [ohmygoodness] siblings. Chores: carrying water, teaching others and buying or selling in the market. He's in primary school. For fun: soccer, playing with cars and swimming.

John Carlo Lumbao, May 27, 2001. Tiny eyes that are the window to the soul anyways... "Sponsor me! Sponsor me!" ;) He lives with his father and mother, again, both sometimes employed. Three sibling. Chores: carrying water, gathering firewood and gardening. For fun: music, soccer and playing with cars. He is in primary school.

There you have it! :D Feel God pulling you to one of these kids? Let me know:

Have a great Wednesday! <3

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