Sunday, April 10, 2011

Media Matters - Secret Millionaire

So you might remember my little series that I never continued from a few weeks ago... LOL. So here it is! Welcome to Media Matters, where you'll find recommendations and reviews on everything from CDs to iPod apps! Today's is a TV show.

"Secret Millionaire" airs on Sunday nights at 8pm on ABC, and is one of the most touching, amazing shows EVER. Successful millionaire from all over America ditch their glitz and glamour lives for a week and go live in some of the most poverty-hit communities in the country. They do not share their true identity with anyone, and tell the people they meet that they are doing a documentary on volunteering. They look for deserving individuals and organizations to share a piece of their own wealth with.

This show is so amazing. The poverty you see is unbelievable. But you also see the hope within the people who have decided to do something with the little that they have. Then the secret millionaire comes along and helps even MORE.

This show is great for all ages, and my family watches it together every week. I hope you'll give this show a try, like I said, it's SO great! Thanks for reading!

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