Thursday, April 14, 2011

. . . And Yep, I Know Who Dwight Howard Is Too!

Ahhh, finally. 82 games later, the NBA playoffs tip off on Saturday!!! Let's get straight to the point, shall we? My NBA playoffs picks:

The East:
Chicago-Indiana: Indiana, I hope you like long summers, because yours starts four games from now. Hate to be the one to break it to ya, but you are playing the Chicago Bulls and Derrick Rose, who will probably be MVP very soon. Chicago, 4-0.
Miami-Philadelphia: Ohhhh. I need to make this clear right now: I *extremely, strongly, very much dislike* the Miami Heat and LeBron James, and possibly Chris Bosh too. I do think it's too early for them to get kicked out though, (and getting kicked out by Orlando, Boston, Chicago or someone similar would be WAY better) and I'll be realistic, this one time. Miami, 4-1.
Boston-New York: Can you hear me crying? I DID NOT want these two teams to play each other in round one. Because that means that one of them are out. Ah, well. I don't even wanna predict this one. I think I might be cheering for New York, but I'm not sure... LOL. Not predicting, but game six or seven for sure.
Orlando-Atlanta: I love the Magic, Dwight, J.J., Jameer, and all of them, and I got cousins in Orlando. ;) It's also sad how close they've gotten the past few years and came up just short. Orlando, 4-2

The West: (Do not expect as much detail, I'm an eastern conference type of girl. ;P)
San Antonio-Memphis: Memphis, I have the same message for you as I do Indiana. Minus the Derrick Rose part, but whatever. Enjoy the long summer. How are they down in Memphis? San Antonio, 4-0.
Los Angeles-New Orleans: I'm a Kobe-over-LeBron fan. You gotta pick one, right? Well, it's Kobe for me. 3-peat for the Lakers? Maybe. Lakers, 4-1.
Dallas-Portland: Well, I don't know much about these two teams, but I hear Dallas is really good... Dirk, Jason? Good enough. :P Dallas, 4-3.
Oklahoma City-Denver: OKC's got this tiny little threat... Kevin Durant? Heard of him? Yep. But Denver's like, nine-kazillion and oh sine trading Chauncey and Carmelo, so this one's one to watch! I'm personally going for Denver. Denver, 4-3.

So there's my take. Wouldn't it be good if I went 16-for-16 in both NBA and NHL? LOL. Thanks for reading! :)

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