Wednesday, February 23, 2011

1000 things!

128. These lyrics: ♫ I want to live out of the overflow/'cause deep in my heart I know Your love is all I need/and I want to shine with radiance deep inside/reflecting compassion and your grace/for all to see/Your love in me. ♫ -Overflow,Sarah Walker.
129. Watching American Idol with my Dad.
130. I great birthday weekend...
131. Spending it on vacay with my family at Niagara Falls.
132. The beauty of the Falls.
133. A win for the TML last night... 6 points out of the playoffs!
134. Helping with jr. girls' basketball at school.
135. Practicing piano.
136. Watching the NBA all-star game with my 1.5 year old cousin.
137. All of my younger cousins: all so cute in their unique ways!
138. My surprise birthday cake!!!
139. A good report card.

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